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Auto Accident Injuries

car accident

Auto accidents hurt. If you are feeling ANY neck pain, back pain, or headaches following a car accident, then you’ve been injured! You need proper treatment. While a visit to the ER may result in a diagnosis of “whiplash” and some prescriptions for medications to control your most obvious symptoms, these medicines do little to enhance healing or promote rehabilitation of the injured regions. Is this enough?

If a running back tears the ligaments and muscles of his knee during a football game, does he just go to the ER after the game for some medication then trot back onto the field the next week? Of course not. The team’s trainers know that if he is to ever return to the game, he must carefully follow a thorough treatment and rehabilitation program that may take weeks, months, or even over a year! Well, shouldn’t we give the same consideration to treatment when the ligaments and muscles of the spine are injured in a motor vehicle crash?

Successful Treatment & Rehabilitation Strategies

At Willis ChiroMed, we understand that there’s more to “whiplash” than just pain and muscle spasms. Further, we understand that proper treatment often requires more than just a trip to the ER – we’ve developed very successful treatment and rehabilitation strategies to get you feeling better and back to normal as quickly as possible. We know how to work with the insurance carriers and attorneys on these cases and have responded by providing very thorough documentation, detailed narrative reports, and expert testimony when necessary.

Advanced Training

Dr. Stengel has attained certification from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego for advanced training in the evaluation and management of spinal trauma and whiplash disorders. Using the latest, safe and gentle chiropractic techniques and therapeutic procedures, he has successfully treated thousands of patients over his 15+ years of practice.

If you are suffering as a result of an automobile accident, contact our office to schedule an appointment.

What Our Patients Say

My interactions with the various staff members have exceeded my initial expectations. I am impressed and pleased the care given here does not stop at adjustments. Deep tissue massage and traction were incorporated in my care.


Dr. Gaulard was very compassionate and gentle, and after only a few visits, I am walking and able to bend, with ease, and much less pain. Thank you, so much, for getting me back on track.

Nancy J.

Everyone is very friendly and professional here!


Conway, SC

Surfside Beach, SC