Your First Visit in Conway

Your First Visit in Conway SC

Patients are often nervous for their first visit to a chiropractor. We understand this fact and respond by providing a comfortable office setting staffed by truly kind and compassionate personnel.

When you arrive at our office, you will find plenty of convenient parking within a well-lit parking lot. You will be greeted by name with a warm smile. After signing in, you will be offered a seat in one of our many comfortable chairs where you can complete your admitting paperwork. While you do this, the staff will make copies of your insurance cards, verify your benefits, and obtain any necessary pre-authorization information.

After the doctor has reviewed your file, you will be escorted to the consultation room. There, you will meet the doctor and discuss any health concerns that you may have. The doctor will ask several questions about your presenting condition, your health history and your family history. However, please understand that the consultation is also a time for YOU to ask questions.

We encourage you to write down all the questions or concerns you have on a piece of paper and bring it with you on the first visit so that you won’t forget to ask the doctor anything you may be concerned or just curious about.

Physical Examination
After the consultation, you will be escorted into the exam room where you will receive a very thorough physical examination. Depending on your presenting condition, the doctor will perform a variety of motion tests, posture evaluations, and orthopedic and neurological exams. Pertinent associated organ systems will also be evaluated along with your vital signs. In some cases, special testing will be performed with surface EMG, thermography or computerized vertebral motion analysis.

If the exam indicates the need, x-rays will then be taken on site. If advanced imaging (MRI, CT scan, bone scan, etc.) or lab work is required, a referral appointment will be made at the appropriate facility.

After the exam and x-rays, you will be offered to begin some treatment at that time. Typically, the goal of treatment on this first visit is to provide you with some pain relief while the doctor reviews the x-rays and exam results. Before you leave, you will be given home care instructions and we will set the time and date of your next appointment (typically within 24 hours).

Because of the nature of the exam and x-rays, if it’s possible, you should dress in loose clothing (sweatpants, t-shirt, etc. are preferred) with minimal jewelry for your first visit. If this isn’t possible because of work or otherwise, that’s OK… we will provide you with a gown to change into if necessary.

Your first visit to our office is typically the longest. Plan to spend one hour at the office for this visit.

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